How does Guesty handle emergency situations?

Each emergency situation is handled on a case by case basis and with the same sense of urgency that you would tend to it.

Depending on what the situation is, we formulate different methods of finding the most practical and time sensitive solution.  

We often play an integral role in coordinating maintenance personnel along with taking any other necessary steps to minimize damage. 

You can also choose one of three options for 3rd party services required on emergency:

  1. We will contact you and then you'll tell us how you'd like us to solve the issue.
  2. You will give us contact info in advance for 3rd party services you use already and trust.
  3. You will tell us in advance to deal with the issue and send you the bill.

We have managed quite a few emergencies already and have figured out ways to solve issues as quickly as possible and to the guest satisfaction.

Our professional service team is experienced and will gladly handle any situation you or your guests might face, any time any day.