Task Templates

Task templates enable you to save templates which can be scheduled automatically in the Auto Task screen.
Use templates for repeated tasks that shall be generated automatically such as check-in procedure, check out cleaning, etc.

Task template creation is under Listing > Tasks and can be attached to only one listing.

Task template contains the following fields:



What is automation upon task completion?

Automation upon task completion enables you to automate actions you would like executed when a task is completed, with a goal of saving you time otherwise spent on manual work one would have to perform after a task (e.g. setting cleaning status to 'clean' or sending an email/SMS to a task supervisor to notify them of task completion). 

In order to add automation, open the relevant task template and add the required automation.
Currently, there are 3 actions which can be automated:

  1. Update cleaning status to clean.
  2. Send a message (SMS/email) to the guest.
  3. Send a message (SMS/email) to a team member.


 To learn more about how to create and edit tasks.