Rental periods

Rental periods are the periods in which a listing is available for booking.
Using rental periods is useful for listings which are not always available but only for specific periods.

What is the added value of rental periods?

Rental periods enable you to set the availability of the calendar quickly and, in addition, can be used as triggers for Auto Tasks. The triggers which can be used are "start of rental period" and "end of rental period".

How to add rental periods?

Rental periods are found under Listings > Select a listing Property > Availability settings when the calendar is set to be blocked by default.

What will happen when adding rental periods?

  1. The calendar will be set accordingly, meaning the dates within the rental periods will set as available and the dates which are outside of any rental period will be set as unavailable.
  2. Auto tasks will be generated in case auto tasks were scheduled for "start of rental period" / "end of rental period" / "first check-in of rental period" / "last check out of rental period".
  3. Once rental periods are added, the availability of the calendar must be maintained within the rental periods screen (the availability under calendar will be blocked).

What will happen when updating a rental period?

When updating a rental period, the tasks will update according to the changes.

What will happen when removing a rental period?

 When removing a rental period, all related tasks will stop and change their status to 'canceled'.