Auto Payments

Using the Guesty Dashboard, you can easily set rules for Auto Payments that will automatically process payments from your guests. This will spare you the trouble of performing a manual collection for each reservation!

*Currently, Auto Payments rules will only be applied for non-Airbnb reservations.  

How to define Auto Payments?

Once you have connected your account to Stripe, you will have the option to set Auto Payments rules for each listing (allowing for different rules for each listing).
In order to add Auto Payments, go the relevant Listing → Automation → Auto Payments and click on "Add payment".
Once a rule was added you can edit the rule to specify:

  • Scheduled collection of payment (e.g 10 days after booking confirmation, 5 days before check in) 
  • Amount to collect:
    • Percentage of reservation price
    • Amount
    • Rest of payment (this will collect the outstanding balance of reservation)
  • Whether to use guest's card or not.
    Note: in case you choose not to use the guest's card, the payment will by default be created according to the rule (scheduled time & amount) in cash.



How to cancel an auto payment rules?

You can easily cancel auto payment rules by clicking on the red trash icon on the right side of each specific rule and clicking save.

Note: upon rule cancelation you will be asked wether to cancel the future payments created for existing reservations. Click yes to cancel all future payments created for existing reservation by the canceled rule.

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