How to create your first Tasks and Autotasks?

Creating tasks with Guesty is quick and simple.

Tasks help you in organizing, optimizing and tracking your vacation rental operations management and allow you to assign duties (i.e., personal check in, check out cleaning, fixing a leaking toilet, etc.) to your staff members, set the tasks details (start time, duration, description, checklist, etc.), generate automatic tasks based on various triggers and to track the progress.

This is the perfect tool to keep your business running smoothly and ensures that your staff knows exactly what should be done and when.

How do I create automatic tasks?
Auto task creation is done in 2 steps:
1.  Create a task template for the listing - Create a relevant task template for each listing.  Note: Each template is attached to only one listing.

Go to Listings > Choose a listing > Select Task > Click on Add a template


2.  Create an Auto Task - Select which task template to generate and when to schedule it.



How do I create manual tasks?
Manual task creation is done by clicking on the "New Task" from the top bar and filling out the required task details.


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