How to use Smart Calendar Rules?

Smart calendar rules allow you to automatically block a listing when another listing has been booked.

In this article you will learn:

1. Where to find the smart calendar rules 

Where to find the smart calendar rules

To create a smart calendar rule, go to your Dashboard > Listings > pick a listing > Automation > Calendar Rules.


How to use the smart calendar rules

  1. Go to the Smart Calendar Rules of one of your listing (Let's call this "Listing A")
  2. Make sure the "Active" toggle is switched on 
  3. Click on "Add rule"
  4. Pick a listing ("Listing B") that you want to block when Listing A is booked
  5. Make sure "Apply retroactively" is checked. This will go over existing reservations on Listing A, and block booked dates on Listing B
  6. Make sure "Add a reverse rule" is checked. This will create another rule, so that bookings on Listing B will also block Listing A. This is relevant for most use cases, and will save you time in creating your Smart Calendar Rules. If this is checked, you will see a "reverse" icon next to the rule. You will also be able to see a rule when you go to Listing B's Smart Calendar Rules
  7. Save to finish

How to use delete smart calendar rule

To delete a rule, simply click the "delete" icon next to it. 
Check "Also delete the reverse rule", if you want it deleted (this only applies to deleting rules that have reverse rules).
Note that Smart Calendar Rules are not editable. If you'd like to change a rule, delete it and create another one in its stead.

When to use smart calendar rules

  • Multiple listings on the same property for marketing purposes (targeting different audiences).
  • Listing different parts of the same property, e.g. if you have a two-story house, you can list the 1st floor, the 2nd floor, and the entire house. For example, you can create a rule so that when someone books "Entire House", this will automatically block the same dates for the listings "1st Floor" and "2nd Floor".
    In this case, the rules you should create will be:
    • When 1st Floor is booked, block Entire House (and the other way around, with "reverse rule")
    • When 2nd Floor is booked, block Entire House (and the other way around, with "reverse rule")
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