Integrations Page

The integration page consists of 2 sections:

  • Marketplace - where you can browse and connect your Guesty account to a new service.
  • My integrations - where you can view and configure existing integration services.

Where can you find it?

Account -> Integrations -> Marketplace


The marketplace allows Guesty users to connect to multiple and various 3rd party services like pricing tools, cleaning management tools and even channels.


How to connect a service?

In the marketplace, select a service category (Channels, Operations, Pricing). Available services will show up. Click on ‘connect’ button on the relevant service

Connecting a channel

Each channel has its own integration process. Follow the instructions and settings in the relevant integration page.

Connecting external services

Operations or pricing services connection is based on dedicated API tokens for each and every service.


After clicking the relevant service’s ‘connect’ button you’ll be forwarded to the API token generation screen and the service will be marked as connected (and therefore will appear also under ‘My Integrations’). On the API token generation screen, you can generate a new token and copy it to the clipboard. You’ll have to paste this API token in the service provider’s website or software.

How to disconnect a service?

Navigate to a connected service’s API token page, it can be done either through ‘My Integrations’ or ‘Marketplace’. Click on ‘Disconnect’ button - this will make the current API key invalid and will remove the service from ‘My Integrations’.

My Integrations

Connected channels and services will be shown on ‘My Integrations’. If there aren’t any active integrations then ‘My Integrations’ will be empty. Clicking on an active integration lets you view its details and reconfigure it.


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