Listing address vs. published address

What is a Listing Address?

The listing address is a mandatory field and allows you to define/edit the address of a listing.
The listing address is used by the dynamic variables {{listing_address}} & {{listing_address_city}}.

In order to define/edit listing address go to Listing → Property

What is a Published Address?

The Published Address feature allows you to define/edit the address as shown in your various booking channels (Airbnb,, HomeAway, etc.).


  1. In case the published address is empty (i.e., hasn't been defined) the field of the listing address will be shown in the channels.
  2. Once the published address is defined, the import and export with the channels will be with the published address.

In order to define/edit the published address go to Listing → Marketing:

Summary table:

  Published address not defined Published address Defined
Export address to channels listing address  published address
Import address from channels listing address published address 
{{listing_address}}  based on listing address  
{{listing_address_city}} based on listing address  


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