Owners Portal (Owners' View)

The Owners Portal is a special website, separate from the Guesty Dashboard, where your property owners can visit to view data about their properties, earnings, and more.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Owner onboarding to Portal
  2. My Properties tab
  3. Reports tab
  4. Supported languages
  5. Mobile responsiveness
  6. What's to come?

More resources relating to the Owners Portal:

    1. Setting up the Owners Portal 


1. Owner onboarding to Portal

As a property manager, you can set the portal from within the Guesty Dashboard, and invite the owner to access the Owners Portal. Your owner will then get an invitation by email.

By clicking a link in the email, the owners will be directed to the Log In page of the app, where they will be asked to set a password for themselves (at least 6 characters, no spaces). After setting the password, they will be directed right into the front page of the Portal.

The URL of the Portal will either be a subdomain on guesty-owners.com (in the form of subdomain.guesty-owners.com) or a custom domain (e.g. yourwebsite.com), depending on whether or not you have white labeling enabled. In following log ins, the owners can go right to that URL.

If the owner ever forgets his or her password, they can always click "forgot password" on the log in page, and reset their own password, without ever needing your involvement (you as a property manager can not change their password for them).


2. My Properties tab

In this tab, the owners will see a list of their properties (corresponding to the "listings" in the Guesty dashboard). The assignment of listings to owners is done on the Guesty Dashboard.

For each active listing, the owner can view the monthly calendar, see booked or blocked nights, as well as see a summary of the number and booked nights and monthly revenue. 

It's important to note that the revenue the owner sees is the Owner's Revenue, calculated:

Owner's Revenue = Net Revenue - Commission - Tax

You can read more about Revenue Share here.

The revenue in the Owners Portal is by-night, meaning that if, for example, a reservation is made from Jan. 28th till Feb. 2 for $1000 (5 nights), the Portal will show a revenue of $800 for January, and $200 for February. 

Please note that the commission formula has to be added by you either on the account level or the listing level, and that Owner's Revenue is currently calculated only from the time you set up the commission formula forward, and does not apply retroactively


3. Reports tab

In this tab, the owners can see an overview of stats and trends regarding their properties.

The stats currently provided are:

  • Monthly and yearly booked nights
  • Monthly and yearly revenue
  • Yearly revenue by property (currently for owners with up to 6 listings)

 Owners can also view yearly trends for their revenue and for the number of booked nights.

Finally, owners can download a CSV file with the data regarding their properties.




4. Supported languages

Naturally, not all property owners are native English speakers. To help non-English speakers get the same value from the Owners Portal, we're designed it to support 11 Languages (the most common languages among Guesty users). 

While setting up the portal, you can define a pre-set language for each one of your owners, and they will get a fully localized experience, starting from the invitation email to the portal.

Note that in future log ins, the language setting will be saved. However, if the owners clean cookies on their browser, the default log in page will be presented in English. After log in, the owner will see the Portal in his or hers preferred language. The owners will also have the option to change their preferred language from within the My Profile page.

List of supported languages:

  • en English
  • nl Dutch
  • fr French
  • de German
  • es Spanish
  • it Italian
  • ja Japanese
  • bg Bulgarian
  • cs Czech
  • pt-BR Portuguese
  • zh-CN Chinese


5. Mobile responsiveness

In order to help you property owners access their Owners Portal from anywhere, we've designed it to be fully responsive for mobile devices.


6. What's to come?

In Guesty, we believe in an agile development approach - getting value to our users as soon as possible, and then improving and adding more features quickly.

In future releases, we're planning to add a lot more functionality to the Owners Portal, helping you to better communicate with your owners.

Some features we're working on (of course, subject to changes):

  • Inbox
  • More data types to show owners
  • You will be able to choose exactly which info you want to share with owners, and which you prefer to keep to yourself
  • Ability to view data for custom date ranges, and not just monthly views
  • Ability for owners to block dates for their properties
  • And much, much more


Have any questions that need clarifying? Contact us at support@guesty.com.

Have any feature ideas or requests regarding the Owners Portal? Contact your account manager, or email us directly at guy@guesty.com.


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