Setting up Owners & the Owners Portal

The Owners Portal is a special website, separate from the Guesty Dashboard, where your property owners can visit to view data about their properties, earnings, and more.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Setting the URL for your Owners Portal
  2. White labeling
  3. Adding and editing Owners
  4. Previewing the Portal & inviting Owners

More resources relating to the Owners Portal:

  1. Owners Portal (Owners' View)


1. Setting the URL for your Owners 

In the Guesty Dashboard, go to Account > System Settings > Owners Portal

Set a subdomain under (e.g., The system will validate that your subdomain is available. Be sure to save. From now on, this is the link all of your property owners will use to access the Portal.


2. White labeling 

Since the Owners Portal is a service provided by property managers to their property owners, Guesty also offers a full white label functionality.

The Owners Portal logo (appearing as "Black & White" in the top-left in the above images) will be the same logo you defined in your account in Guesty.

As mentioned in the previous section, the Owners Portal comes by default with a subdomain. It also comes with a "Powered by Guesty" footer (see bottom-right in the image below). For a full white labeling of the Owners Website (custom domain and removing the footer), please contact your Guesty account manager. Once the white label functionality is enabled, you will be able to enter any domain you own (purchased separately via a domain hosting service). Note that in order for the connection to be completed you will also need to enter the guesty-owners URL as a CNAME in the domain hosting service's website.


3. Adding and editing users 

In the Guesty Dashboard, go to Account > Owners.

You can add your first Owner by clicking the button on the top-right. This will open a page where you can fill personal details about your owner, such as a name and an image. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. After entering the personal information, you can assign listings to the Owner. Select all of the listings, and click save.

Once you've saved your new Owner, you'll be able to activate his or her Portal by clicking the "Activate Portal" toggle button. If your Owner is not a native English speaker, you can also select a different default language for them to use. Read more about language support for the Owners Portal here.

You can edit the Owner's information and assigned listings any time by clicking them in the Owners page.


4. Inviting Owners 

Once you're happy with the Portal set up, invite your Owner by clicking the button. This will send them an invitation to the email address you defined above, inviting them to select a password and access their Portal. You can read more about the Owner's View of the Portal here.

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