Save payments that were collected outside of Guesty

In addition to the option of using Guesty to process your guest's credit card payments, you can document payments that you have collected outside of our system (cash, other credit card processors, E-check, etc.). This feature is helpful to maintain all of your reservation's financial data in one place. This way, you can easily see which reservations were cleared and which still have money you should collect.

Inside each reservation you will see the financials tab. This tab is separated into 3 segments -

  1. Invoice items - things which you charge your guests (i.e. accommodation fare, cleaning, etc.).
  2. Payments - payments that were already collected or scheduled for a later date.
  3. Commission - breakdown of the payout based on your commission formulas

How to document a new collected payment

  1. In the payments section (within a specific reservation) click on the "Collect payment" button.
  2. In the new window, choose the payment method from which you received the external payment - cash, credit card, debit card or e-check. The method you choose will not affect anything, it is only for your own internal documentation. 
  3. Choose whether the payment should be collected now or scheduled for a later date.  
  4. In cases which this option is relevant, you can attach the confirmation code (for documentation purposes only). 
  5. If relevant, add notes regarding the transaction (for internal use only).
  6. Receipt - decide if you wish to send a receipt to the guest (or to any other email address you wish).
  7. Click "Process". 

How to refund a payment

Regardless of whether the payments were processed through Guesty or not, the only way to remove a payment that was made is by refunding it.

See here how to refund a payment. 


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