Manual collection of credit card payments

Using the Guesty Dashboard, you can easily process credit card payments from your guests. Once you have connected your account to Stripe, you have the option inside each reservation to insert the credit card information and charge it.

You can either charge the card immediately or schedule several payments for future dates. For example, once you receive a new reservation, you can set up two charges: one immediate charge of $100 and a second one for the remainder of the payment on the check-in date. 

Currently, we only allow the collection of payments for non-Airbnb reservations.

Transactions done DIRECTLY on Stripe will NOT be reflected in Guesty

Collecting a payment from a new credit card

  1. Go to a specific reservation > Financials tab > Collect payment
  2. Fill in the amount of money you wish to collect - By default, the number will be an outstanding balance. Note that the minimum amount of money you can charge is $0.50 and cannot exceed the Outstanding Balance of this reservation. 
  3. In the Method drop-down menu choose New credit card - If you have already saved a card on the guest you will see it in the drop-down menu as an optional payment method.
  4. Due date - Do you want to collect the money right now or schedule it for a later date? If you schedule it for a later date we will automatically save the card for the guest so you'll be able to update these future payments along the way.
  5. Credit card info - As simple as it can be. 
  6. Save card for guest - Do you want to use this credit card info for any future transactions? It can be either for this specific reservation or any future reservations which this guest may book in your place.

    Saving a card will not give you access to the actual credit card info but only the ability to charge it when needed.

  7. Send a receipt - Decide if you wish to send a receipt to your guest or to any other email address you wish.
  8. Hit collect! It might take a few seconds until the payment is confirmed - so be patient :)



What happens if the payment fails? 

When a card is invalid you will see the payment with a tag of "Failed". It means that we didn't charge the guest and you should try again in a few hours or with a different card. 

At what time are the scheduled payments processed?

The charge will be processed on the date which you selected at the same time that you saved it on.

What is the difference between the methods of Credit card and New credit card?

A new credit card allows you to process credit cards that you enter manually. "Credit card" is a setting that enables you to document payments that were collected outside the Guesty Dashboard. See here more information about the payments documentation feature. 

Where can you find the guest's credit card?

There are a few ways to save credit card information on guests (such as directly inserting the number, your website, etc.). When you already have a saved credit card for a specific guest, you will see it in the "Method" drop-down menu. Choosing this method will not show you the actual credit card info but will allow you to manually charge the card.

How to test drive the system and see how it works?

If you are using Stripe as your processor, you can use this resource of "test credit cards" that will be approved by Stripe and mimic the actual behavior of collecting a credit card charge (and refund) from the Dashboard.