Importing settings from an existing listing

Your listings have dozens of settings - from guest service expert preferences to inbox settings to automated response messages. The Import Settings feature allows you to easily copy these settings from one listing to another. This is especially useful when adding a new listing to Guesty or when wanting to duplicate a set of settings between two existing listings



Import settings from a file

Inside the Settings tab of a Listing, you can see the Export/Import section. The Export option allows you to save these settings in a file on your computer as a backup for specific sets of preferences. 

The exported file will include all of the listing's settings (currently without automated messages and saved replies). Then, by clicking on "Import from backup" you can upload this file and decide which settings you want to import.

Import settings from a different listing

Clicking on the "import from a different listing" will then allow you to choose a specific listing from which you wish to upload the settings. After picking a listing you will see a list of settings from which you need to choose the ones you want to import. 

by importing a set of settings, you will override the existing information in the listing.

The full list of features that are available for import/export:

  • Tags
  • Commission formulas
  • Automation- AutoResponse (aka Answering Machine)
  • Automation- AutoList
  • Automation- AutoReviews
  • Automation- AutoPricing
  • Automation- Home Automation
  • Inbox settings
  • Cleaning Status settings
  • Guest Communications settings