Get started: Direct integration with

Connecting your listings's direct integration enables you to connect listings to in two ways:

  1. Publish listings - Publish your Guesty listings to directly through the dashboard with a click of a button: Read this article on how to Publish listings on directly from Guesty

    This connection will allow you to create your Guesty listing in

  2. Link listings - Link your existing listings on to your Guesty listings: Read this article on how to link your listings to Guesty

    This connection will sync all your Guesty calendar data with the listing connected to

 sync table (Link VS Publish)?

Topic Field Link  Publish
Calendar data


Min nights

Nightly rate

Yes Yes
Listing data

Static listing data



No Yes


Cleaning fees

Aditional fees

No Yes


Where the data synchronization isn't automated please manually check that the data in Guesty and is identical and if not then update manually



How do I manage the calendar once the listings are connected?

The calendar availability and pricing should be managed from the Guesty platform which will then reflect in (the option of editing rates and availability in the Extranet will be blocked).

How will pre-existing upcoming reservations be imported once the listings have been linked?

It will be done automatically! However, does not share with Guesty the guest's email and phone number, meaning that in order to communicate with guests from within Guesty, you will need to enter those details manually.

This only applies to pre-existing reservations.

Will I receive alterations/cancellations notifications?

Yes, alterations/cancellations will be updated into Guesty automatically.

Does Guesty pull the credit card details?

Yes, but in order to pull the credit card make sure that:

  • You have a Stripe account that is connected to the Guesty dashboard. If you don't have a stripe account, please read this article on how to set up a Stripe account.
  • Your settings in enforces guests to enter full credit card details (including CVV/CVC) on platform upon reservation.
Why the weekly discount in Guesty isn't syncing to don't support weekly discount.