Daily import of calendar availability and pricing from Airbnb

This feature allows you to control whether or not to import calendar availability and pricing from Airbnb.  The setup is in integration level, which means that all the related listings to this integration will behave according to it.

Where you can find this feature: Account > Integrations > My Integrations > Airbnb integration > click on a specific integration  

We strongly recommend not to import calendar availability and pricing from Airbnb, but rather to manage availability and pricing only within Guesty.  Managing it within Guesty avoids the risk of calendar discrepancies with Airbnb or calendar blocking from Airbnb (e.g when the booking night limit has been reached).

Important note:
Regardless of this toggle settings, the following information will be imported from Airbnb:
reservation (inquiries, confirmation, alteration & cancellation), messages and reviews.


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