Catalogue of services

As property managers, you often offer your guests additional services such as local tours, breakfast, shuttle service from the airport, etc. This information can now be stored inside your listings and be used by both your guests and team. 

This catalog of services will have more and more applications as time goes. Currently, you can easily include these items inside specific reservations and allow your internal team to see all of the services you offer along with the prices. 

Step 1: Add your services

  1. Go to the relevant listing > Marketing tab > Additional charges for reservations box.  Listing_catalog.PNG
  2. Go to Listing's Catalog of Services > Add new item.
    Every service should include three parameters:
    1. Description - This can be anything from "Breakfast", to "Winery tours" to "Mid-stay cleaning". This field is restricted to 50 characters.
    2. Amount - How much you charge for a specific service. The amount can only be a number (as opposed to a percentage), and the currency is the same as the listings'. This field can include both positive and negative numbers, meaning that you can also save here specific types of discounts that you offer.
    3. Measurement - You can choose a specific unit of measurement per service. For example, if you offer a breakfast at your listing, you might want to measure the price "Per Guest Per Night". This measurement will help you include these items and automatically adjust them per reservation. 



Step 2: Add services to specific reservations

After adding all of your offered services to your Listing's Catalogue, you can then add them to specific reservations. This will allow you to easily add invoice items which are already calculated based on the characteristics of a specific reservation. For example, if you charge $20 for a winery tour per guest, when adding this service to a reservation, the price will reflect the number of guests multiplied by $20. Invoice items can be added to all reservations (regardless of their source or any other parameter). 

Invoice items can also be used for discounts if you enter them as a negative value.

  1. Go into a specific reservation within the listing. 
  2. On the invoice items box click on Add new item.
  3. In the description, start typing the service you wish to add. You'll see that the price will already take into account its measurement.
  4. Click on the service and make sure that the price is right for you. If not, you can update the description or price before you save the new invoice item. 

    Changing the description or price within a reservation won't have any impact on the original service in the listing.