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In this article, we will cover these topics:

This tutorial series will show you the core capabilities of the Guesty system. With it, you will learn the ropes to apply the basic features of our Property Management System (PMS) as quickly as possible. With it, you can begin the process of mastering Guesty, you will start seeing the value the software can deliver to your business growth, and eventually let our software do everything for you. You might actually need help figuring out what to do with all that free time ;)

Step 1: Integration

Now that you’ve signed up, it’s time for integrating all your accounts into the Guesty!

Go to Account > Integrations > Choose the wanted account from the Marketplace



Step 2 - Activation

Once your listings are synced, you can activate the PMS for them, by following the steps in the video below. For better communication, you can add nicknames to your listings (accessed through the listings' settings tab). Titles are great for marketing purposes, but short simple names are easier for your day-to-day logistics.

Go to Listings > Choose a listing > Settings > turn on PMS features



Step 3 - Discover more useful features

Got active listings? Great! Now explore the Guesty navigation bar and our useful search bar. This way you can quickly go to the listing, reservation or guest and update new information.




Watch feature overviews

Now it’s time to really get started. First, watch an overview of our listing’s page, to get familiar with its different tabs:


Automation Tools 

Guesty helps you streamline your business by automating recurring processes. We'll start with one of the most powerful tools - Automatic Messages (hooks). Try adding a few of your own, or use our Best Practices for Automatic Messages.


Please remember to consider the filters on the automated messages if you are using the best practices!! The best way to make sure all your guests receive the needed information is to import "Check-in Instructions" together with all 3 "Booking confirmation" automated messages. If you aren't sure where to start, contact us and our customer success team will be happy to advise you on the best setup for your business.

For advanced users: If you’d like to modify or add filters to your automated messages, please create/import the automated message deactivated, let us know, and we’ll add them for you.


Start using Guesty 

See if you can create one set of automated messages for all of your listings.

This is especially helpful if you plan to add more listings every now and then, because every new listing you add will automatically get all the automated messages assigned to it, and all you will have to do is turn on the automated messages feature for the listing (by clicking on the top toggle in the automated messages page). Default variables are there to customize your messages and accommodate for variations in your properties.


If you’re still struggling with creating one set of automated messages because some information is just really different for your various listings, try adding custom variables to include in your messages. This is another tool with which our customer success team would be able to assist you in customizing your setup even further.


Grow your business

guests usually inquire about multiple listings before they close a place. If you are the first one to answer, you increase your closing rate immensely. Maximise your closing rate by always being the first one to answer!  But what if you’re asleep, in a business meeting, out with friends and your phone’s battery just died? Simply set the automated response (aka answering machine) up for your listings, and we’ll send the response for you if you haven’t yet.

Another useful application of the automated response is ‘on the day of check-in’. This is the time guests are most inclined to have emergencies and panic - they can’t find the place, the keys are missing, they forgot the code, or maybe they’re just too lazy to go through their thread to find the information they want. For the day of check-in, we recommend adding your contact info to the message, for guests' emergencies.


Extra credit - we have several automated features which may or may not suit you depending on your business. This automation overview video, will give you a small recap of the available features, and here you can find more information about each of them: 

Calendar smart rules - for avoiding double bookings

Auto-pricing - have us tinker with the prices on a daily basis according to your specifications

Autolist - hide your listings from view at set times.

If you're using Airbnb, using the auto-review feature will leave a review on your behalf. Is there any guest for whom you don't want to leave a review? No problem, simply toggle off reviews for that reservation


Creating Reports

for reporting purposes and sharing information with other team members (contacts from your phone book or users) use the reservations tool. Set up a few reports for your team, e.g. for cleaning coordination or for financial reporting.



Assigning tasks

Automate and digitize the coordination with your on-the-ground personnel, using automated messages, reports and our tasks feature combined with the task Guesty app


Almost done!

You’re almost ready for take-off! You’ve automatized your business, now it’s time to add some personal touch and communicate with your guests using the Guesty inbox.

No more running around switching from one Airbnb account to the other. Also, if you create and use the saved replies, you can save yourself or your team members even more time and will be more in control of the quality of messages going out to your guests.


Feel free to review this information again whenever you’d like. If you'd like to take it up a notch, speak to your account manager to find out about live onboarding and training sessions. During the session, one of our onboarding engineers will help you analyze your business and implement the features which are most suitable for meeting your special business needs.


Thank you for using Guesty! We trust you enjoy it!

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