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The multi-calendar view enables you to see all past, current, and future reservations for your active listings in one simple view. The multi-calendar view is a feature of the Property Management Software - a strong and capable set of tools that empower vacation rental owners and property managers to handle all of their business’s data.

In this article you will learn about -

  • Multi calendar functionalities
  • What happens if updating dates thats have already been booked






View a consolidated snapshot of all open, blocked, and reserved dates across all of your active listings

Scroll through your calendar to view past, current, and future reservations across all of your active listings. Scrolling through allows you to easily stay on top of your business, by enabling you to prepare for all upcoming reservations and by allowing you to compare your current occupancy with that of previous months or years. While using either your one multi-calendar or each of your single listings’ calendars, you can review every past booking that has occurred since the day you uploaded your listing to Airbnb


** Note: Airbnb does not permanently store guest information after check out. This means that previous reservations that occurred before you joined Guesty may be missing some guest and booking information.


Update the pricing for a single day or for a range of dates, whether they’re open, blocked, or reserved. To get started, simply click on each of the dates without a confirmed reservation and adjust the information according to your needs. 


Notes: In the multi-calendar, you have the capability to add and view notes for blocked dates. Notes allow you to organize your calendar, to make shared calendar use simple, and to easily input reservations that may be booked directly with you. In addition, for your reference, the Guesty team will add notes when our smart rules automatically block the dates for your combination listings.

Hover: By hovering your mouse over confirmed bookings, you can review guest name, number of guests, reservation dates, and total payout amount.


View: Simply click on each reservation to dive in and to see all of its information.               

For more details about the reservation data that you can see in this screen, click here.

Control: You can control how your multi-calendar is displayed, by choosing the next 30 day view or the monthly view.


Filter: You can filter and sort the listings to view only the relevant listings for you. Filter by listed/unlisted or city name and sort them by title, nickname or address. 



Find availability: You can see only the listings that are available on certain dates, pending they are suitable for a specific number of guests.                                                               


In order to make sure that all of your calendars are synced in real-time, we highly recommend that you update pricing and availability through the multi-calendar or each listing’s calendar on your Guesty Dashboard.

We scan your calendars on the diffrent connected platform at least once a day. If you update your calendar on Airbnb’s platform but do not yet see the changes in your calendar on your Guesty Dashboard, rest assured that the two will be fully synced within a few hours.

If you update your listing prices on your Guesty Dashboard, our system will automatically sync these changes to all your connected platform calendar.


Important note: if you are using Guesty to manage your rentals across more than one platform (i.e. Airbnb and HomeAway, or, etc.), then the pricing and availability of your calendars will have to be managed through only the Guesty Dashboard and not through the individual platforms themselves. This way, you will have the ability to control all of your platforms in one place and avoid mistakes.

What happens if you update prices of dates that have already been booked?


This will not affect the current booking's price. However, in the event that the reservation is canceled, the newly available dates will be priced at your most recently updated rate.

For example, let's assume that John Doe has booked one of your listings for 4 nights during October, at a rate of $100/night. If you then change October's pricing to $120/night, John Doe will still pay $100 a night for his existing reservation. However, if John Doe cancels his booking, those 4 nights that are now free will be listed at $120/night.



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