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When setting a markup, you can select to set it as a percentage from the nightly price. The markup logic at Guesty ensures that you always get the nightly price that you set (The nightly price is the value as set in the Listing calendar per date).
Based on the markup that you define, Guesty calculates the fee that needs to show up in the channel, so that when the channel takes its fee from the payout, you are left with exactly the base price that you requested.



If you want to ensure to get the base price of $100, and you know the channel takes a 10% fee, you should set the markup to be 10%. Guesty will then calculate the price that needs to be listed so that minus this 10% you will get the desired base price of $100.
In this example, the listed price will be $111.11.  Why? As when the channel gets $111.11 and takes its 10%, which is 11.11, THEN you are left with $100.


Note: Different channels or channel managers, such as Rentals United, may be calculating the markup in a different way. They would add the markup percentage to the base price and show that price in the listing, causing your payout to be slightly less than the base price. 


Applying Markup

  1. Select a Listing from the Listings view.
  2. In the selected listing go to the Financials tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Markups section.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Edit the markup per channel 
  6. Select the percentage value.
  7. Don't forget to Save!

Sample configuration:



The Markup applies to the following fees

  • Nightly rate (accommodation fare).
  • Cleaning fee.
  • Extra person fee.
  • Taxes with a fixed price. (Note: the Markup doesn't apply for taxes with a relative value such as 10% per stay. The reason for this is that in this case the Markup is already applied once to the nightly rate)
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