Link your listings to Guesty

Preconditions for linking:

1. The listing shall exist both on and on Guesty.

2. The listing should have a single rate (multiple rates are not supported).

How to check and resolve multiple rates.pdf

3. The listing should be single-unit property (e.g apartment), multi-unit property (e.g Hotel/Hostel) cannot be linked to Guesty at the moment*.
How to check and resolve multiple-entity property.pdf

* Guesty will enable this functionality in the future, in the meantime contact our support for a solution. 

Import upcoming reservations that were created prior to the integration: reservations will be imported automatically to Guesty upon linking a listing. 
If you're switching from Rentals United, the guest's contact details (email & phone number) will be imported.

In all other cases, the guest's email & phone number won't be available in Guesty. In case a guest sends a message, it will be reflected in the Guesty inbox. To answer guest's messages, you will have to update the guest's email/phone number in Guesty (can be found at the reservation page in

How to link your listings to Guesty?
Here is a step by step guide:
Link your listings to Guesty.pdf

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