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Preconditions for linking

1. The listing shall exist both on and on Guesty.

2. The listing should have a single rate (multiple rates are not supported).

How to check and resolve multiple rates.pdf

3. The listing should be single-unit property (e.g apartment), multi-unit property (e.g Hotel/Hostel) cannot be linked to Guesty at the moment*.

Our best practice, in case you have multiple-entity properties in, is to create a new single property for each property within Each of these properties should then be connected to a property in Guesty. Make sure to check if your property is a multi-entity property: 
How to check if you have multiple-entity property.pdf

Note: Guesty will enable this functionality in the future, in the meantime contact our support for a solution. 

Import upcoming reservations that were created prior to the integration reservations with a check-in date in the future will be imported automatically to Guesty upon linking a listing. 
If you're switching from Rentals United, the guest's contact details (email & phone number) will be imported.

In all other cases, the guest's email and phone number will not be available in Guesty. In case a guest sends a message, it will be reflected in the Guesty inbox. To answer guest's messages, you will have to update the guest's email/phone number in Guesty (can be found at the reservation page in


How to link your listings to Guesty?

Here is a step by step guide for this process. 
Link your listings to Guesty.pdf

It is required to complete the process in (until the 4th step), before you start the listing process in Guesty.

Keep in mind:

When linking properties to, we only sync calendar data (availability, nightly rates and minimum nights), but we do not sync any listing data (title, pictures, financial data, etc.). For more information, have a look at this article: direct integration with Guesty


Disconnect listing

You can always stop the connection between the Guesty listing and listing by clicking on the disconnect button. It will stop all the syncing processes between this two listings.



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