Publish listings on (directly from Guesty)

Publish listings on directly from Guesty with the click of a button. You now have the ability to create a brand new listing to directly from Guesty. All changes to listing data made in Guesty will sync directly with the created listings in


Preconditions for publishing:

  1. Taxes must be defined in Guesty for the listing (it can be defined on account level or for a specific listing). For more information see Tax configuration help article.
  2. In the Publish feature, you will only be able to set the following settings in the Policy section: cancelation policy and the payment method. For other policy settings, please contact for further instructions. 
  3. If you don't have legal entity ID (this is a unique number that was assigned to you by after the contract was signed) during the publish process will send you an agreement via email which you will have to sign on in order to publish the listing. Please add your personal email as a forwarding email (in integration page) in order to receive the agreement. 


Note: If you create a listing in through this process you won't be able to set prepayment policy. If you do want to set prepayment policy please contact Guesty support for help after the listing is created in


Disconnect listing:

You can stop the connection between the Guesty listing and listing (if the connection is active) by clicking on the disconnect button. It will stop all the syncing processes between this two listings. If you will want to connect the listing again you will be able to do it with the link connection. Learn more about the link connection.


How do I publish my listings:
See our step by step guide:

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