Activating a listing in Guesty

To activate a listing

  1. Sign into your Guesty Dashboard at
  2. Click Listings
  3. Choose the listing that you want to activate. (Either change the ‘Active is Yes’ filter, OR change it to ‘Active is No’). By default, you will also see all listings that are Listed in Airbnb. If you’d like to remove this filter to see inactive listings regardless of whether or not they’re Listed in Airbnb, you can do so too.
  4. Go into Settings at the top of the page.
  5. Turn on the PMS Features toggle. Below this will be an empty field for you to write the Nickname.
  6. Click SAVE
  7. Choose the Automation drop down tab from the top of the page and choose AutoMessage.
  8. Turn ON the Active toggle.
  9. Choose the Automation' tab again and then choose AutoResponse.
  10. Turn ON the Active toggle.
  11. Choose the Automation tab again and then choose AutoReviews.
  12. Turn ON the Active toggle.

If you'd like Guest Service Experts to help you with your bookings for this listing

Choose the Guest Communications tab at the top of the page and turn on all 7 of the toggles. Remember to always SAVE.

(there is a SAVE button in each individual section in the Guest Communications tab.)


I turned on the PMS toggle and received an error, what to do?

The reason this happened is that the last payment to Guesty failed. When there is a problem with your payment, you can't activate listings.
Please try to charge the card again in your billing page on the Dashboard.

If you require further assistance, please contact us.