How does Guesty billing work?

Guesty only charges you once a booking is made! You don't pay us unless you get bookings and earn money. 

Our charge depends on which plan you're on, with a minimum of $3 per reservation.

Not included in the fee paid are third-party services such as cleanings and handymen services which will be billed separately if you require such services.

We bill once a week, for bookings that started within the past week. 

If you have anymore questions regarding our billing, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 


How are Guesty’s fees calculated?

  • We take the host payout (the amount Airbnb deposits into your account after they take their fees)
  • If the currency is different than US dollars we then convert it to USD.
  • We then calculate 3% - which we round up to a whole dollar (just like Airbnb does).
  • If the amount is less than our minimum $3 per booking we then apply the minimum.