How does Guesty billing work?

Guesty only charges you once a booking is made! You don't pay us unless you get bookings and earn money. 

Our charge depends on which plan you're on, with a minimum of $3 per reservation.

We bill once a week, for bookings that started within the past week. 

If you have any more questions regarding our billing, please feel free to contact us.


How are Guesty’s fees calculated?

  • For Airbnb: We take the host payout (the amount Airbnb deposits into your account after they take their fees).
  • For all other channels: We charge based on the total payout before the host channel fee is taken.
  • If the currency is different than US dollars we then convert it to USD.
  • We then calculate 3% - which we round up to a whole dollar (just like Airbnb does).
  • If the amount is less than our minimum $3 per booking we then apply the minimum.


Does Guesty charge me for imported reservation from other channels?

Our policy regarding those depends on whether the check-in was the past, or will be in the future.
If the check in was in the past and check out if future, (meaning- guest is staying now) then we do NOT BILL.
If the check in is the future (even if the reservation was confirmed BEFORE you added the listing to Guesty), we will bill regularly as we provide full service for those reservations.