How can I change my preferences for reviews?

There are 3 ways in which Guesty handles guest reviews - and you can choose to alternate between these methods at any time:

  • Templates for 5 star reviews are automatically sent, unless specified otherwise. The moment Airbnb let us know it is time to write a review for a guest, we go ahead and leave a 5 star review unless you mentioned otherwise during the booking life cycle. We offer many types of reviews and try to personalize them for each guest.
    It is known that a good review reciprocate back at you!
  • You can tell us to wait before writing a review to allow you enough time to choose if we should leave a review or not. Wait time options are: 24 hours, 48 hours and a week.
  • You can direct us how you would like to review a specific guest, and we will write a custom message.

Please let us know which method best suits you by emailing our service team at!

From Sunday to Thursday, please allow up to 24-hours after sending an email for the changes to take effect, for Fridays and Saturdays, please allow up to 48-hours for the changes to take effect.

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