How and when does Guesty use automated messages?

It is important to differentiate between two types of automated messages:

Saved replies are templates created and customized according to the particular needs and requests of each user. Guesty receptionists use these templates to answer guests’ various questions in an accurate and timely manner. This is done manually so the receptionists ensure that every response is personal and doesn't sound like a saved, pre-written reply.

The other kind of automated messages are event-triggered messages (or, as we call them, "Hooks"). Hooks are messages that are sent completely automatically at the time of (or relative to) a specific event that occurs on your Airbnb account. For example, you can set up a hook to send each guest their checkout instructions and schedule it to be delivered 1 day before checkout. In this instance, checkout is the event that will trigger the automatic message delivery. 

Contact us at if you'd like us to add or change any automated message attached to your account.

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