Can I have more information on what exactly Guesty does? Examples?

Guesty offers a variety of services for Airbnb hosts like you, all of which you can find on our features page or by reaching out to us directly, at any time.

As for some examples of our mission, we provide a brief overview of our services below.

  • We handle all guest communication: We respond to booking requests and inquiries 24/7, screen guests according to your criteria, and answer all guest questions before, during, and after reservations. Airbnb penalizes the ranking of your listings if you don't respond within an hour - so Guesty improves your listings’ SEO by keeping your response time high
  • We coordinate cleanings & key exchanges - We coordinate with and schedule the cleaning service of your choice to make sure that your place is clean and that your guests have the instructions they need for accessing it. If you would like cleaner recommendations in your area, we will do that too.
  • We optimize your listings for more bookings-  Our software optimizes performs automatic processes that run in the background of your account and your listings to increase visibility in search results and encourage more bookings.
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