Receptionists don't answer my guest inquiries in a timely manner, why is this happening?

We understand the importance of a quick response time in optimizing our users' listings on Airbnb and the direct correlation between response time and closing a reservation. Due to that, our promise is to respond to inquiries within one hour or less.

In order to achieve this, our system prioritize messages based on many parameters. For example, a first inquiry is prioritized higher than a followup because only the first message matters for response rate calculation. Another example is a guest on the day of his check in is prioritized higher than a guest a month away.

During national holidays, peak vacation times, and Airbnb downtime, our expert receptionists are available 24/7 but due to the high volume of guest inquiries we may be slightly delayed. In those events, we will do our best to take care of new inquiries and time-critical messages first. 

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