I'm not getting enough bookings. What do I do if my listing view count isn't great?

How many inquires a particular listing receives is based on many different factors:  

For starters, travel and tourism is a seasonal industry (one which is impacted not only by leisure travelers but business travelers, conferences, and exhibitions as well), which does affect some hosts harder than others. Always measure your hosting on an annual matter.  

In addition, many other variable such as competitors’ pricing, location, the listing’s distance from the “downtown area” as shown on google maps, other listings’ more flexible cancellation policies, appeal and clarity of pictures, description, etc. All play an integral role in a listing’s view count.

Because there are so many different factors, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact causal relationship, however, we do recommend that you take a look at your listing in relationship to your competitors and see where you can make changes (eg: lowering rates in a particular season, writing a more descriptive title, highlighting positives while downplaying negatives, etc).

Guesty works hard to increase your listing visibility by making sure your response rate stays up at all times and that your guest reviews are in great shape!

You can read more about this phenomenon go to Airbnb help article: https://www.airbnb.com/support/article/431

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