How can I use 'Hooks'?

What Is A Hook?

A “ hook” is a pre-written template message that is automatically sent out when triggered by a corresponding event on Airbnb. There are 5 possible events that can trigger the delivery of these template messages: (1) booking confirmed, (2) booking canceled, (3) booking altered, (4) check-in, and (5) check-out. Once the template message is assigned to an event, it becomes a “hook”.

Template messages include variables (i.e. {{guest_first_name}} or {{listing_address}}), so that each delivered message is customized for its particular recipient and to the specifics of that particular instance. Hosts can either craft template messages themselves or opt for Guesty to do so on their behalf.

How Are Hooks Customized?

There are countless filters and scheduling options available for defining the conditions of each hook’s delivery.

Hooks can be sent over the Airbnb messaging platform, via SMS, or by e-mail.  

Hooks can be delivered to different recipients: the guest, the host, or a contact (such as a cleaner, or any other relevant third-party service).

What Does A Hook Do?

Hooks automatically deliver important information, such as check-in instructions to guests, booking confirmations to hosts, or check-out schedules to the cleaners.

Hooks ensure that this important information is delivered at each instance that it is needed, without requiring attention, time, or effort from the sender. Thus, hooks guarantee that the Airbnb experience is both seamless and stress-free.

For best practices, read this article.


If you have your own templates that you want to make as hooks, send them to us at


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