What is a 'Saved Reply'?

“Saved replies” are pre-written answers to questions commonly asked by guests. They can be utilized in any form of guest communication: from inquiry, to request, to support. Saved replies allow Guesty's receptionists to respond to recurring questions on behalf of the host in order to save the host from unnecessary time and hassle. Saved reply templates are usually created during the on-boarding process, and each templated message is saved and then sent manually when relevant to the scenario at hand. Users can update and create new saved replies at any given moment, using the "Saved Replies" tab inside each one of the listings.


Customizing Saved Replies: Grouping in folders

Similar to the way we organize our files on the computer, saved replies can also be nested inside folders. For example, replies regarding the coffee machine, hot water and A/C can all be inside the "Amenities" folder. This way, our receptionists will have easier access to the different replies you've added. 


Customizing Saved Replies: Link to one or multiple listings

Every Saved Reply is an independent entity that can be linked to one specific listing, or multiple ones. It means that once you've edited a Saved Reply that is linked to several listings, it will take effect in all of them.

This is very useful to save time on copying the same piece of information again and again. 

How will you know if a reply is linked to more than one listing?

There are three ways to see it:

1. In the Saved Reply screen, the replies would be separated into two different boxes: 

a. Replies Saved For Just This Listing
b. Replies Saved For This Listing And Other Listings

2. Once in editing mode, the header of the reply would include an orange title.

3. Also in editing mode, you will see which listings are linked to this reply.


See more on how to create new and edit Saved Replies.


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