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Once you have connected your Airbnb account, if you did not put in the current Airbnb password in Guesty, Guesty will then automatically reset your password and replace it with a new one. For your convenience, you’ll see your new password in two places:

  1. You’ll receive an email from Guesty that will include both your username and your new password.

  2. At all times, you can see your password in your Guesty dashboard under the “Platforms Integrations” tab.

 How to change your Airbnb password?

Guesty integrates with your Airbnb account using your username and password. Therefor, in order for us to have the right credentials, you should change your Airbnb password directly from your Guesty dashboard under the “Integrations” tab. By doing that, Guesty will update your credentials with Airbnb and will still have access to manage your account. 

Your new password must comply with Airbnb's rules of security. Make sure that you follow them, otherwise, they won’t approve it.

  1. You cannot use previous passwords that you have already used for your Airbnb account. This means that if you wish to replace the password we have provided you with, you will not be able to change it back to your old password.

  2. The password should be at least 8 characters long, and it is preferable for it to include symbols, such as ({,/!?:”+=[).

  3. The new password cannot include your name (both first and last) as well as your email address.


Why should you change your Airbnb password through the Guesty dashboard and not through Airbnb?

Guesty is using your username and password in order to communicate with your Airbnb account. By replacing your password through the Guesty dashboard, you are ensuring that the two platforms will still be connected.

If you change your password through Airbnb, Guesty will lose connection with your Airbnb account until you update your password on the Guesty dashboard as well. In such a case, we will send you an email reminder to update the information.  



You tried replacing the password but it didn’t work. Why is that?

If you tried replacing your Airbnb password but it did not change, it is probably because the new password did not comply with Airbnb's password rules and therefore, it was not approved. You can review Airbnb's password restrictions above or on this link

Make sure not to replce your password too many times in too short a period. Due to Airbnb's security procedures, this can prompt them to block your account. If this happens, neither you nor Guesty will have access to your Airbnb account. 

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