How can Guesty help me with coordinating key exchanges?

Guesty can coordinate key exchanges for you with automatic or manual reminders and instructions, as well as assistance with any online key solution that you may be currently using.


Automatic or Manual Reminders: We can send schedules and reminders to you or to a third-party on your behalf (such as a neighbor, key concierge, doorman, etc.) regarding the date and time of the guests’ arrival. Reminders can be via email or through SMS, at any time, all over the world.

If necessary, we can send these messages in different languages. Simply send us the template you wish to have delivered and we’ll make sure the variables (i.e. time and date) change according to each booking. For more information on the changing variables available for reminders, click here.


Automatic or Manual Instructions: If you have an electronic, smartlock, or lock box system in use, we can setup automatic or manual instructions to be sent to your guests prior to check-in.

For any type of entry system, we can simply include or attach the entry code or numbers to a message sent to your guests along with their check-in instructions.

If your code needs to be changed (either digitally or manually) after each guest, we can assist with that, as well. If it’s a code that must be changed digitally, we can create a new code for you given that you supply us with the necessary online credentials that allow you to do so. If it’s a code that must be changed manually, we can send the necessary instructions to your cleaners or other secure third-parties with direct access to the lock.


Online Assistance:  If you are currently using or working with an online key solution, such as a key concierge service, simply provide us with the URL and the necessary online credentials that you use, and we can manage the tedious delivery scheduling or online code changing process for you.


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