Getting started with: Airbnb integration

In order to start using Guesty, you need to link up your Airbnb account to our system. After you connect the platform, we will receive all your host information regarding your listings, your past conversations, your calendars and more.

So, how do you connect your Airbnb account?

1. Go to the integrations page -  On the Guesty Dashboard, navigate to "Account" and select "Integrations" from the menu. Here, in the "username" field, you will see a new email address that will look like this:


2. Replace your email on Airbnb - On your Airbnb profile, navigate to "Account Settings", then click on the "Profile" tab in the header options. Here, in the "Email Address" field, you can simply replace your existing email address with the new Guesty email address found in your Guesty Dashboard. Replacing the email enables our team of receptionists to handle your inquiries and guest support directly from the Airbnb platform. However, all of your usual Airbnb emails and notifications will continue to be forwarded to your private email (after all, it's still your account). 

3. Receive a new password - Once you've replaced your email address on Airbnb and connected the account, our system will automatically replace your old Airbnb password with a new, randomly generated one (so as to protect your private information). You will immediately receive an email containing your new credentials (please note that you will also be able to review your credentials at any time in the "" page of your Guesty Dashboard). 


* If you wish to keep the same password, please send us your credentials to so we can manually do the password change for you.

Guesty uses your credentials in order to preserve the connection with Airbnb. If you wish to change your Airbnb password, you should do so using the Guesty Dashboard (Login ⟶ My Account ⟶ Integrations).


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