How To Share A Report

Sharing a report allows you to give your co-hosts, employees, or 3rd party services access to booking data they need. You can share a report by inviting a contact to a view-only link or through a manual or scheduled email (to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis).


    1. Share a link to your data report with view-only access. This information will always be updated in real-time.

    2. Limit access to your booking report by easily switching on or off the sharing toggle for each contact. When switched off, the shared link will be inactive and inaccessible to that contact.

    3. Manually send a report one time via email from your Guesty Dashboard.

    4. Schedule a report to be emailed to yourself or to your contacts on a specific day, daily, or weekly, or monthly. 


  • After you’ve customized a booking report to display your financial status, invite your co-host to analyze that data too.

  • After you’ve customized a booking report to display details needed for preparing for and scheduling a cleaning, share that data view with your cleaner every Monday.

  • After you’ve customized a booking report to display information you’d like to archive, automatically send that view to yourself every week.


Email a report to yourself, an employee or any third party service

Share online access with read only permissions

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