How To Use The Reservation Screen

What is the reservation screen?

The reservation screen is the dashboard that displays all of your relevant information for each of your reservations.
We will continue to add more fields for you in order to help you gather all the information you need.

What are the different sections in the reservation screen?

Each reservation is clickable. Once selected, you are taken to the “reservation screen,” which houses all that reservation’s information in a single interface.

  1. The details section contains all the scheduled booking data: check in date and time, check out date and time, number of nights in the reservation, and the date the booking was created.

  2. The listings section displays the name of the listing reserved and the full address. If you click on the listing name, you’re brought to a new screen that contains all the booking details of that listing, including who is currently staying there, your upcoming reservations, and the insights dashboard for that individual listing.

  3. The financials section lays out all relevant prices, costs, and revenue for that booking.

  4. The guest section provides you with total count, name, and contact details for your guests.

  5. The post booking section contains internal Guesty notes and reminders that pertain to that reservation.
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