Why do I need to change the email I use for my Airbnb account?

This article is relevant only to the standard Airbnb integration.

Find out which Airbnb integration you have, and what are the differences between the standard and upgraded integrations.

So maybe you’ve just signed up with Guesty and you got an email saying you need to change the email address associated with your Airbnb listing - what gives? In this post, we’ll clear up some of the commonly asked questions about the technology Guesty uses to manage your Airbnb account and why we must do it this way.


Why Does Guesty Need Access to My Airbnb Account?

In order for us to get notified automatically when you receive new inquiries, booking requests, and reservations, and in order for us to answer on your behalf. This is why you want to use us in the first place.


How Do I Give Guesty Access?

After signing up with Guesty, we will give you instructions on how to change the email account associated with your Airbnb to a special email address that Guesty provides. This new email will allow all of your Airbnb correspondences to go through our system. What does this mean? It means that all notifications that Airbnb sends will now be intercepted by our system and, unless you request otherwise, will be forwarded to you automatically.


Will I Still Have Access to My Airbnb Account?

Absolutely. You will keep full access and be able to log into your Airbnb account. We will reset the password for safety reasons and send you the new one immediately. If you would like to have a specific password - just let us know afterward. You can also continue using Facebook to log in if that’s what you’re used to.


Why Do You Do This?

Since Airbnb doesn’t have a public API*, we had to create a means of receiving your Airbnb notifications so that our team can see them and act on your behalf. Just having access to your account would not instantly alert us to new activity on your account and would require us to log into your account manually over and over again just to check. This system for receiving instant updates from your Airbnb account is necessary in order for Guesty to provide quick and effective support. Otherwise, your guests would have to wait longer for a response. We are working with Airbnb on creating a more seamless integration, but this may take time.

AP-what? What are APIs? Here’s some background on APIs

To Sum it All Up

  • Changing the email address of your Airbnb will not affect you at all but will allow us to start acting on your behalf in an instant manner.
  • You will continue to receive all the same email notifications from Airbnb as before and you will keep full access to your account.

We are looking forward to helping you manage your Airbnb listings - contact us if you have any additional questions.