Revenue Share

The Revenue Share feature allows you to easily divide and share booking payments with any teammate, colleague, property manager, or another contact.


Using the Revenue Share

The exact terms and details of how earnings should be split between you and another person or another company differ. 

For example, maybe a company will charge 15% of accommodation fare + cleaning fee, while a homeowner will charge 20% of total payout - host channel fee

Now, your exact revenue share – as well as that of your homeowners – can be displayed in your booking reports, and can be shared easily among each other or with other contacts.

You can find the feature under 

  • Per Account: Account > System Settings >Financials
  • Per Listing: Listing > Choose the designated listing >Financials

Setting the sharing proportions

By using the dynamic variables (below), you can create a formula that denotes the exact terms and details of how earnings should be split between you and another person or another company. 


Variable Description
channel_commission Value of "Channel commission" from each reservation. (including Airbnb)
channel_commission_tax The tax calculated for the channel commission.
host_channel_fee Only relevant for Airbnb displays as a value of host channel fee.
fare_accommodation The total accommodation fare as it appears on the booking channel
fare_cleaning The cleaning fare; if it exists in the specific booking channel
guests_count Total number of guests for this reservation
guests_included_in_base_price  Number of guests who are included in the base price. This variable is used to determine the number of added guests (i.e. minus guest count).
extra_person_fee Extra person fee as it appears in your Airbnb account.
nights_count Total number of nights for this reservation
host_payout Total payout received from the booking channel including taxes plus additional fees. For Airbnb reservations, the host_channel_fee is removed from the host_payout. For all other channels, the channel_commission is not deducted from the host_payout.
net_income The result of the "Net income formula" field. This can only be used inside the second field of "Commission formula".
round If you want to round the results, you can insert the formula into the "round" brackets. For example:  round(fare_accommodation*0.2).
host_subtotal Total payout received from the booking channel, plus additional fees and does not include taxes. For Airbnb reservations, the host_channel_fee is removed from the host_subtotal. For all other channels, the channel_commission is not deducted from the host_subtotal.


The total amount of taxes in the reservation.


The value (calculation result) of the Property Manager’s (PM) Commission Formula field. This value includes the PM commission and PM commission tax as well.


The difference between the fields

Net income formula:

The net income formula refers to the amount of money from which you take your commission. Some of our users take the percentage out of the total payout, others from the accommodation fare or from the payout minus additional person fee.

Commission formula:

The commission formula is where you input "what's my share?", or simply - your commission. You can use the net_income variable as the base for this field, by duplicating, adding or subtracting from it.

Owner's Revenue:

This field is used to calculate the owner's revenue.  

Commission tax: 

The commission tax is calculated over your commission itself. This field should be filled with a number (percentage), and cannot be based on a formula. 

Using these three fields allows you to view, share, and download reports that include all of the information related to revenue, such as total payout, owner's revenue, your revenue (with or without tax), etc. 


Use the variables to write your formula

Use these variables to create simple math expressions.

For example:

  1. If your commission is 15% out of the accommodation fare + the cleaning fee, the formula would be:

  2. If your commission is 20% out of the total payout, not including the cleaning fee, plus TAX of 21% for the whole share, the formula would be: