Why can’t I login into my Airbnb account?

If you’re having trouble logging in to your Airbnb account, please try the following steps:


Step 1: Check that your username and password are typed correctly

Make sure that you are using both your Guesty email address (username@user.guesty.com) as well as your password

You can find your password at all times in your Guesty Dashboard under the “Integrations” tab or by clicking here.

Simply go to Account > Integrations >  Airbnb > Select integration



Step 2: Try again in a few minutes 

Sometimes the Airbnb servers can be faulty for short periods of time, preventing users from logging in).


Step 3: If the previous steps did not work

Go back to the integration page on the Guesty Dashboard and change the password through there. If you change your password through Airbnb, Guesty will lose connection with your Airbnb account until you update your password on the Guesty dashboard.

For more questions or any problems connecting with Airbnb, please contact us at support@guesty.com.

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