Getting started with: Onboarding

Whenever a new host signs up to Guesty, we learn his own set of preferences to ensure that our team will be able to manage his listings in a professional and personal way.

How do we do that? The first thing we do is collect your answers from the short questionnaire you fill in after sign up. This questionnaire includes screening preferences, check in instructions for guests, cleaning procedures and more. Then, we’ll ask you for any documents that you use. For example, if there are templates that you already send to your guests, house manuals or any information that it is important for you that we’ll know.

Let’s start by going over the initial questionnaire.

1. Screening Preferences


Whenever we receive a new inquiry, our team of receptionists will first see that the guests fit your own screening criteria. For example, some hosts will decline guests with pets, or if they don’t have a verified ID.

By checking the different boxes you are defining to our receptionists when they should decline an inquiry.

After a guest passed the screening, you can decide what should the receptionist do - confirm the reservation or ask you before doing so.

2. Check in instructions


In order that our team will be ready to send your guests check in instructions and answer their questions, we need to know what is your check in procedure.

For example, if someone meets them in person, who is it and what is his contact information? what is the lockbox code or how do you generate codes for a smart lock? These questions are important so that you will not need to worry any more that your guests will have a smooth check in.

3. Cleaning Procedure


Although Guesty doesn’t supply cleaning services, our post booking team can coordinate with almost any online or offline cleaning service. The answers should give the team the ability to schedule and communicate with your cleaners to secure a clean apartment for each and every guest.

4. Settings


Another service that our receptionists give is to write outgoing reviews and monitor your incoming ones. If you choose that they would write your review, you can also attach specific preferences to guide them in the process.

The last question refers to your already confirmed booking, if you want Guesty to start handle them as well, or not.

It’s important to remember that if you choose to handle your confirmed bookings on your own, you will need to remember managing them.


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