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Every vacation rental business needs people who are service-oriented, well-trained, experienced, and know how to sell listings. The problem is that usually these traits belong to only the hosts themselves or cost a lot to find elsewhere. Instead of hiring and training your own staff, leave that work for us and focus on what’s really important for you - growing your business.




Guesty has built a strong team of professional, well-trained receptionists that are working 24/7 to ensure that you won’t miss any inquiries and that your guests will receive a highly professional and hospitable service throughout their stay.

Based on your preferences, our receptionists screen your potential guests, approve or decline bookings, and will answer any incoming question to which we already have the answer. From WIFI password, to parking arrangements, to washing machine instructions - we store every piece of information that you send us so we can answer these questions on your behalf.

Should you choose to maintain your host identity, brand, or the like, our team of receptionists can “white label” their responses and sign each message in your name, that of a friend, or even that of an employee – it is all up to you to decide.

Following a booking, our team can also write your guest reviews for you and remind your guests to do the same.

To learn more about the different features our receptionists offer, click here.


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