Getting started with: Post Booking

The post booking team is responsible for ensuring a smooth booking from A to Z. The teams serves as your own personal “booking planners”, working to make sure that your guests will enjoy a completely seamless experience.

There are three main things with which our post booking team can help you:

  1. Ensuring that your guest will enter a clean apartment
  2. Guaranteeing that your guest will experience a seamless check-in
  3. Managing emergencies that may occur during your guest's stay

For a better understanding, let’s take a look at how our post booking team ensures that your guest will enter a clean apartment.

It’s important to note that our team does not operate on-the-ground nor do we dispatch our own cleaning services. Instead, it's our post booking team's job to (a) help you find the best cleaner based on your needs and preferences, if necessary, and (b) make sure that your employed cleaner – whether an online or an offline service – will always be prepared for and updated about scheduling and responsibilities.

How does our post booking team guarantee this?

1. Gather data - First, you'll answer an initial questionnaire within which you can define your desired or your existing cleaning procedure. For example, if you use a private cleaner, you will be instructed to indicate the following information about your cleaner in the questionnaire:

  • Name
  • Contact information (email + phone number)
  • How the cleaner accesses the listing
  • Any additional specific cleaning preferences (i.e. to wash sheets) that you would like your cleaner to know

2. Confirm information -
The post booking team will confirm that they have all of the necessary information in order to properly remind your cleaner when services are needed (i.e. one hour after check-out) and in order to contact your cleaner in case of a related emergency.

3. Establish "hooks" - The team will then create automated messages (or, "hooks") to systematically remind your cleaners of appointments and cleaning details, based on each of your listing's preferences. These messages will include relevant information such as time of check-out, listing address, and more.

4. Verify bookings - 7 days prior to each booking, the team will manually verify that all of the relevant automated messages are sent and that no issues have arose with the cleaner.

5. Handle emergencies - You can determine how you would like for our team to handle an emergency (such as the cleaner not showing up, etc.). Should such a situation arise, our post booking team will first try to contact the cleaner directly. If we cannot resolve the issue with your cleaner, we will then reach out to your emergency contact (if you have one aside from yourself) or quickly secure a replacement cleaner in your area for you.

Online Booking View

Through our PMS, every cleaner can also have controlled access to your bookings' information (that is, as much access as you choose to share with them). You can sort and filter your booking data to display only relevant cleaning information (such as time of check-out, listing address, etc.), then invite your cleaners to view that customized data or even schedule emails to automatically deliver these reports to your cleaners. 


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