Reservation Reports

Guesty's Property Management Software is a set of features that will help you manage your vacation rental data and staff.

The PMS includes tools for searching through your information, activating smart calendar rules, creating sophisticated reports, and much, much more.

For a better understanding, let’s create a sophisticated report to see all of the check-outs scheduled for tomorrow. This report can then be shared with your cleaners as a scheduling reminder for tomorrow's appointments.

1. Choose the relevant columns - for every reservation, there are 32 different parameters that our system collects. There is no need for you to see all of this data, all the time. So, the first thing we need to do is choose which parameters are relevant to the report you'd like to create. In this case, we would like to see the expected check-out time, the name of the listing, the address of the listing, and the cleaning notes.


2. Filter the results - filters are added to limit the view to only specific reservations, based on the filter category chosen. For example, you can choose to view only bookings reserved for one specific listing, or to see only bookings reserved with more than 4 guests, or to see only bookings with payout higher than $2,000. In our case, we’ll want to see only bookings with a check-out in the next 1 day.  


After creating your customized report, you can save, share, or export it. The reporting feature is endless and is as flexible as you are.


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