How To Use The Report Filters

Apply filters to sort your bookings according to specific details or brackets, such as reservation dates, booking statuses, number of guests, and payout amounts.

The ‘Add Filter’ dialog add_filter.PNG allows you to browse all filters, browse filters by category, or use the free text search to find filters quickly and easily.


  • If you’d like to schedule a mid-stay cleaning, then you can apply a filter to display only bookings that are more than 7 nights.

  • To see reports on only specific listings, filter your results by listing name or even by Airbnb account integration. If you have more than one Airbnb account connected to your Guesty account, this filter can help you divide your accounts’ data.

  • You can apply a filter to see only bookings scheduled within a specific time frame (such as limiting the view to summer bookings and seeing only those reserved between May to August).


How to use the filters?






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