How To Save A New Report

Saving a bookings report grants you quick and easy access to the preferred views of that you’ve personally customized, sorted, and filtered. The data are updated in real-time, so these views will always remain relevant for you.

Additionally, your Guesty account starts you off with some default “best practices” with data reports designed for common uses.


Use customizable columns and apply sorting filters to tailor the display of your data according to a particular purpose:

  • Customize your bookings display for your cleaner (i.e. include only necessary cleaning information and any relevant fees) and save it for future reference and convenience. With all related information in one place, your data is easier to both archive and share.

  • Assess your financial status by creating a report that displays your booking payouts minus fees. Saving this view allows you to check in on your hosting financials at any point, without re-sorting and filtering your data.

  • If you’ve integrated multiple Airbnb accounts into Guesty, divide your bookings’ data according to each of the managed Airbnb accounts. As all data is updated in real-time, a saved view will allow you to review the details of each of your accounts individually at any point in time.

How to save a report

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