Where can I see my upcoming invoice?

You can find your upcoming invoice in the appropriate tab in the Billing Section of your Guesty Dashboard. 

In addition to viewing each item on your estimated upcoming invoice, you can use this window to verify that your credit cards are validated and to find the time and date of your next billing cycle.

Your estimated upcoming invoice will display each booking receipt of the current billing cycle. Each receipt item includes important information about the booking: the 3% booking fee, booking confirmation code, listing title, guest’s full name, and expected reservation total.


Adding More Details to the Invoice

Navigate to the Payment Status tab in the Billing section of your Guesty Dashboard. Here, you’ll find your credit card(s) on file. Select the Invoice settings option. In the popup window, you can add notes and settings for the invoices relevant to that card. Added details can include your business name, address, VAT identification number, etc. The information that you add will then appear in all subsequent automatically generated invoices.


Send me receipts Toggle

You can turn this toggle on or off to indicate whether or not you wish to receive automatic emails containing your invoice each time you are billed.