Assign A Default Contact

When managing multiple listings, it's likely that each listing is handled by a different person. Most often, one user serves as the point of contact for questions about the business, while another user runs the business. 

When you assign a default contact to a listing, you're designating the person for our receptionists to approach when they have questions about that listing, a guest emergency occurs, or another specified instance arises. 

Setting up a contact for your account

This contact will be approached as a default contact for all of your listings, unless stated otherwise inside a specific listing. 

To set up the contact for your account:

  1. Go to Account > System Settings
  2. Go to the Receptionists Service tab and assign the relevant contact.

Setting up a contact for a specific listing

This contact will be approached only when the receptionists have questions regarding a specific listing. 

To set up a contact for your listing:

  1. Go to the specific listing you wish to adjust
  2. Click on the Receptionists tab (this feature is relevant only for listings that subscribe to the receptionists service)
  3. Assign the preferred user as the "Contact person"