Phone Book

The phone book feature allows you to keep all of your important contact information in one place. This way, you can share contacts with all users in your account, send contacts automated messages, and assign contacts to specific reservations.

How to add a new contact:

Contrary to your account users, contacts in your phone book will not have access to your account information (unless you specifically share it with them through view-only reports).




To add a new contact you should:

  1. Go to "Phone Book" on the Navigation Bar

  2. On the top right-hand side, click on the "Add a contact" button.

  3. Similar to the user form, you can add the contact's full name as well as multiple email addresses and phone numbers. 

    -- You can mark any one email address or phone number as the default. We will use the default email or number when reaching out to the new user. 

  4. Select a preferred contact method - this will show our receptionists how to best reach the new contact (i.e. by email, via SMS or with a phone call.)

  5. Add a note - save any piece of information that will later on be important for you. 


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