The Phone Book

The phonebook feature allows you to keep all of your important contact information in one place.

What can I do with the contacts?

  • Share with other users
  • Send them automated messages
  • Assign to a specific reservation


How can I add a new contact?

  1. Go to Phone Book on the Navigation Bar
  2. Click on Add a contact
  3. Add the contact's full name as well as multiple email addresses and phone numbers. 



Note: Contrary to your account users, contacts in your phone book will not have access to your account information (unless you specifically share it with them through view-only reports).



  • When you mark a contact email address or phone number as the default, our guest communication service will use the default email or number when reaching him out
  • Select a preferred contact method - this will show our receptionists how to best reach the new contact (i.e. by email, via SMS or with a phone call.)
  • Add a note - save any piece of information that will, later on, be important for you. 

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