Multiple listings filter

The "multiple listings" filter enables you to customize your reports so that you can view only the data from specified vacation rental listings. You can choose which listings you wish to see in a specific report and then you can save, share, or download it.


When should you use it?

  1. Sharing a report with your cleaner - when using the same cleaner for more than one listing, you can create a specific report based on that cleaner’s entire schedule (across listings). These saved reports are easy to share, customize, and control access to.

  2. Sharing a report with a co-host or with the listing owner - some of our users have several partners for some or all of their listings, be it listing co-hosts or listing owners. Using this "multiple listings" feature, you can create special reports adjusted for each of your partner(s), including reports showing different revenue shares, listing names, check in dates, number of guests, etc.


How can you use it?

  1. Go to the reservations screen on your Guesty Dashboard.

  2. Click on the add filter button (+) and select listings.

  3. Select all of the listings you wish to see in the new report, by scrolling through the listings or simply by using the search feature.

  4. Click save.

* To learn more on how to share the new report, see this.

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