Create revenue share formula with dynamic variables

The revenue share feature allows you to easily calculate both yours and your home owner's revenue per reservation.

To do so, you will need to create your own revenue share formula, using these variables:

Variable Description
fare_accommodation The total accommodation fare as it appears on the booking channel
fare_cleaning The cleaning fare, if exists in the specific booking channel
guests_count Total number of guests for this reservation
guests_included_in_base_price  Number of guests who are included in the base price. This variable is most useful to determine the number of added guests (i.e. minus guest count).
extra_person_fee Extra person fee as it appears in your Airbnb account.
nights_count Total number of nights for this reservation
host_payout Total payout received from the booking channel (usually includes fare_accommodation + fare_cleaning - host_channel_fee).
host_channel_fee The fee that is being charged by the booking channel. Host channel fee varies between the different booking channels.
host_subtotal Total payout received from the booking channel, not including taxes.
taxes The total amount of taxes in the reservation. 


How to use the variables to write the formula?

Use these variables to create simple math expressions. 

For example:

1. If your commission is 15% out of the accommodation fare + the cleaning fee, the formula would be:

fare_accommodation*0.15 + fare_cleaning

2. If your commission is 20% out of the total payout, not including the cleaning fee, plus VAT of 21, the formula would be:

((host_payout - fare_cleaning)*0.2)*1.21

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